Compromised utility accountability bill passes the legislature. Now is the time for real accountability!

by | Apr 21, 2022


Two months ago, Mainers turned out to oppose Gov. Janet Mills’ so-called “utility accountability” bill for giving CMP and Versant a veneer of regulation with minimal substance. This new bill — which contained no mention of affordability — would require utilities in Maine to write their own report cards to let Mainers know how they’re doing. While it was predictably opposed by the big utilities who argued that they had already handled customer issues and by our movement to create a consumer-owned utility for threatening to preempt our people-first approach, it also prompted hours of testimony and statements (for and against) from a number of climate groups, concerned Mainers, and former government officials (such as Maine’s former U.S. attorney and the first public advocate to the PUC, both of whom opposed the bill as not-fit-for-purpose).

As of today, an amended version of the bill has passed the legislature. While it does contain some useful tools and regulations, it falls woefully short of resolving Maine’s ongoing struggle for accountable electric utilities.

Now that this distraction is over, get involved with us to create real accountability via public power!

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