Collecting signatures for public power … without knocking on doors

by | Apr 29, 2022


Our grassroots effort to replace CMP and Versant, Maine’s two large, investor-owned utilities, continues to push forward toward the energy democracy that will allow us to end the climate destruction and top-down mismanagement of the current monopolist providers. However, to win this war against these multi-billion dollar companies and all their political power, we need working people like you.

We’ve heard from some people who have signed our 100-signature pledge that they’re eager to help, but don’t want to walk door-to-door hoping to catch people at home. Fortunately, signatures can be collected in many ways including crowd-canvassing and tabling. Tabling is sitting in one place with good traffic flow and calling people over to talk with you. Crowd-canvassing is approaching groups of people (such as those in a queue) and asking them to sign. Done in the right locations, these methods can result in more signatures than door-knocking but do require a little more care to ensure the signatures are valid.

To help you do your best work in collecting signatures toward — and having good discussions about — this vital transition, join us on Friday, May 6 at 4:30pm in Portland’s Monument Square to learn how to effectively collect valid signatures on your own or with others. RSVP here. We’ll share some exciting tabling opportunities in Portland and Freeport to get you started!

If you’re new to Maine Public Power, or just feel like brushing up on the basics, please join us for a new member orientation on Monday, May 2 at 6pm. We’ll discuss why and how Mainers should take control of Maine’s energy future. RSVP here.

Upcoming door-knocking canvasses. RSVP here.
Portland: Friday, May 6 @ 4:30pm
Lewiston: Sunday, May 15 @ 12pm
Kittery: Sunday, May 22 @ 12pm

If you prefer, you can get involved in non-signature-gathering volunteer roles like these by contacting

  • Data entry. Data entry is wildly important, is done from home, and great if you aren’t very comfortable talking to people.
  • Onboarding. People are always reaching out to get involved and following up with them to help them get plugged in and hit the ground running is an invaluable way to help fight back against monopoly power!
  • Newsletter. That’s right, this newsletter! We’re looking to recruit another newsletter team member to help plan, write, and edit our weekly newsletter.

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